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Luke, his father, and myself celebrating Luke's 21st Birthday in Las Vegas

My name is Mark Richarsdon and I created this website as a memorial to Luke Langohr who was a friend and a divine inspiration. It is a living memory of Luke for everyone that he inspired and continues to inspire.

My hope is it will serve as a source of awareness for EB (Epidermolysis bullosa) as well as a conduit to funding and eventually a cure.

I met Luke over 16 years ago. I met him through his father Brian Langohr who is a great friend of mine.

Over the years I got to see Luke grow up and became familiar with his family. I was lucky enough to be there for the brithday parties, get-togethers, make-a-wish, highschool graduation, 21st birthday, and all of the stuff you take a bit for granted until you lose that person you love and realize you would do anything just to have the smallest portion of that back.

I, like everyone, miss Luke dearly.

Luke The Brave

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